October 11, 2023

What I’m Looking for In My Next Marketing Leadership Role

I am looking for a marketing leadership role at an enterprise SaaS Martech or developer tooling vendor in the growth phase led by an experienced GTM leadership team physically based in a Boston office.

That was a mouthful, and a lot to ask for, I know.

However, I’m sure there are a couple of roles out there that would fit the bill. Below you can find expanded thoughts on what I’m looking for.

Boston-based with Local Leadership

Ideally, I would be able to find a marketing leadership role with the GTM team centralized in the Boston area.

My past couple of roles have been primarily remote with a GTM scattered across many different time zones.

Getting the marketing function churning is always more difficult for me personally when you aren’t able to meet physically and develop an in-person presence with the GTM leadership.

Hybrid Team, No Fully-Remote

As I mentioned before, my past few roles have been predominantly remote. I am fully capable of working remotely alongside a team, but in the past two years especially I’ve noticed that a complete lack of in-person presence when starting a marketing leadership role is really difficult.

200+ Employee Growth Stage

I’ve started marketing teams from the ground up, I’ve adopted nascent marketing teams, and I’ve come into fully established marketing organizations. I think my ideal starting point with my next role would be to take over a well-established, functional, and maturing marketing org that is eager to bring the company to the next stage of growth.

MarTech or Developer Tooling

I’ve historically worked in enterprise B2B tech companies with a focus on developer tooling, but my true passion is around MarTech tooling and would love to work at a growing martech company. I would be open to continuing in the developer space as well.

Experienced GTM Leadership Team

One thing that often goes hand-in-hand with working at early-stage startups is that you are working for first-time leadership teams.

Usually, these are incredibly talented individuals who somehow stumbled onto a great business opportunity, and managed to get funding from venture capital but have absolutely no idea how to bring a product to market.

While more seasoned leadership teams come with their own set of challenges/demands, I find that working with an experienced GTM leadership team is always easier than a developing one.

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