My name is Jon Blumenfeld and I’m a marketing professional, artist, and developer living in Boston.


First and foremost I consider myself a marketer, and have won awards for my work. However, I’m also a full-stack developer and half-decent designer who’s passionate about creating interactive tools for marketers.

I have a marketing MBA from the College of Charleston, and have started several companies including a marketing consultancy (LLC), a web development firm (LLC), and a college media company (S-Corp).

Most recently, I served as the Head of Marketing at a company called zeroheight, but was let go in May of this year.  I am currently on a short break for the summer of 2023, but will be starting to search for my next role soon!

Feel free to get in touch if you think I might be a good fit for a role you’re trying to fill.


While I spend a good deal of my time on professional pursuits, I also have a rich and rewarding personal life!

In my spare time, I love gardening (hard living in the city), creating art, developing things for the web, cooking new and tasty meals, and trying to learn songs on the guitar.

I love all furry creatures. Unfortunately, my amazing cat Pepper passed away this February. I’m still reeling from her passing, but am hoping to bring a new furry friend back into my life soon.

What else is there to know… My Harry Potter house is Slytherin, my Myers-Briggs type is INTJ, and whatever else you want to know you can ask me!