December 30, 2014

Champagne Jello Shots for New Years

It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, and I was searching for some fun pictures of fun champagne jello shots to make. You can find a ton of pictures here for yourself. I was going to link them all to recipes but many of them didn’t have them unfortunately.

Luckily if you find one recipe that will tell you the proportions for making the jello shots well with champagne you’ll be able to duplicate it across all of the recipes.

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Gold Glitter Champagne Jello Shots
Champagne Glitter Gold Jello Shots

Sea Foam and Sugar Star Jello ShotsGlitter Champagne Jello ShotsRaspberry Gold Jello Shots

Pink Gold Jellow Shots

Glittery Puff Ball Champagne Jello ShotsPuff Ball Jelly Shooters

More Sea Foam and Sugar Jello Shots
Champagne Star Jelly Shooters

Multicolored Champagne Glitter Jello Shots

Glitter Coated Jelly Shots

Gold Star and Glitter Champagne Jello ShotsGold Star Jelly Shot

Moet Jello ShotsMoet Jello Bubbles

Sparkling Champagne Jello ShotsSparkling Jello Jigglers

Strawberry and Champagne Jello ShotsChampagne Jello Shot

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