November 26, 2019

What If Sales / Marketing Orgs Had a “Daily MIA Briefing”?

Very recently I found out that my Grandfather, as he puts it, “Was the editor of the most exclusive news periodical in the world.” The thing that he was editing and delivering was the daily CIA briefing… you know, the one our current President doesn’t bother to read. He delivered this report to President Eisenhower.

He’s never told us anything more than this. In typical fashion, he is evasive when it comes to anything deeper than that.

However, it got me thinking… what if marketing had some sort of daily briefing?

I imagine it would require all functional, regional, and other groups to bubble their achievements, struggles, and other important news up to a centralized individual.

It could maybe go to the CMO, but in my mind it’s a far less exclusive report that is distributed to the entire company.

In my mind I refer to it as the Daily MIA Brief, or the daily marketing intelligence agency briefing. I would give the company a read on the pulse of the sales and marketing organization.

The problem is that I think a lot of companies would love this, but they relegate this to someone who already has a full time job. The process of collating, editing, and processing a digest for easy consumption on a daily basis is full job that needs to be perfectly reactive / proactive when it comes to collecting the news.

Either way, a daily briefing on the comings and goings of the sales / marketing org, especially for more mature and growing companies would be a really cool thing to achieve.

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